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Carousel Ice-cream and Cake


Creamy n' Tasty!

We love to spoil you! 

Carousel welcomes you with a range of choices - we offer 30 dairy, 12 non-dairy and 3 frozen yoghurt flavours to select from. Our popular ones are our signature Marble Crunch, Cappuccino, Boysenberry Cheese, Salted Caramel, Honeycomb, Choc- Raspberry Crunch, Bubble Gum, Rainbow Gelati and many many more...

Check full List below.

Ice Cream
Pink Ice Creams


Carousel offers a range of premium non-dairy gelati flavours to choose from. R&D is underway to create rich and creamy vegan flavours to suit our wider customer base.  Reach out if you'd like to know more...


Some traditions are forever!!

At Carousel, we have enjoyed making our premium products here in Victoria for over two decades. 100% Australian owned and operated, we are very proud that our products have been loved by Melbournians for over 25 years!


A small family owned business, our aim is to continue creating high-quality products, service our loyal customer base and innovate to the emerging trends that cater to the market changes.

Image by Brendan Church
Image by Daniel Öberg

Our Cake stockists



320 Melbourne Road, Victoria 3015

9391 0711

Out stockists
Image by Malicki M Beser


Ice-cream goodies

Carousel offers ice-cream mountains for parties and family gatherings. Our smallest mountain is a Mount Baw Baw with an 8 scoop tower and goes all the way up to Mount Everest with 250 scoops! Yes that's a lot of ice-cream!




Our creamery is launching an exciting dessert menu this summer! Please also feel free to throw in your suggestions below.

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