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Above the market quality!

Carousel invested in research to produce the best quality frozen yogurt to create a rich B2B product. What is the difference you ask? Our Frozen Yogurt is made with tonnes of real yogurt, not flavour. A huge amount of natural live yogurt is added to a rich mix to give us the best texture and high impact flavour. It is for this reason our Frozen Yogurt won the highest award in Victoria by Dairy Industry Association 2018, and continues to be acknowledged almost each year since. 

We supply the Frozen Yogurt either in a liquid form or a frozen form - whichever solution best works for your business. We offer 3 flavours - Natural Vanilla, Strawberry and Mango and will soon create new ones! Our high quality product makes the perfect addition to your smoothie recipe and also results in cost savings as you won't need to use the same amount you previously required using an average product. 

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